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I love to read all romance, especially contemporary and paranormal, but my all time fave genre is urban fantasy. I'm also an author of New Adult and Paranormal.

Knight of Hearts

Knight of Hearts - Suzie Quint I absolutely loved this book. After I’d read it, I wanted to put into words what exactly I’d found so enjoyable about it. After some pondering, I realized it was the heroine Rachel who made the book unforgettable. If I had to describe Rachel in a nutshell, I’d use the word broken. An incident in her past has left her unable to form intimate bonds with men. She comes across as prickly because of her history, but instead of being unlikable because of her attitude, she’s completely relatable. Trauma for Rachel equals erecting walls to keep others out. When Mac comes along and begins to chip away at her fortress, I couldn’t stop rooting for the couple.

Ms. Quint did a great job of fully developing all the characters in her book, and the humor, twists, and realistic dialog made me sad that the book had to end. I’d highly recommend this book to all contemporary romance readers.

P.S. The sexual tension is off the charts!