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I love to read all romance, especially contemporary and paranormal, but my all time fave genre is urban fantasy. I'm also an author of New Adult and Paranormal.

Black Dagger Brotherhood: Boxed Set #1-6

Black Dagger Brotherhood: Boxed Set #1-6 - J.R. Ward I bought the series after a friend suggested it to me. J.R. Ward is an exceptional writer. I love her metaphors and similes. I love the rawness of her character's feelings. But I wasn't crazy about the lack subtlety in most of her romances. (Lover Awakened excluded. I loved that book!) I like a little more build-up between my MC's and most of these stories revolved around a wham bam, I have to have that woman now! Given that the books were about a warrior group of vamps, it worked on one level. But on another level, my desire as a woman to watch a love blossom wasn't met. But again, I have to stress that the writing is excellent, and I'd read the books for that alone.